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Our New TV!

Rowan loves watching the new TV!

Rowan loves watching the new TV!

Well, Chris got Rock Band for his birthday.  I am still ambivalent about it – even though I bought it…  I don’t actually have a problem with the game.  Mostly I am not all that excited about one more fun electronic thing which the kids beg to play all the time.  (Please can we play Rock Band, Mama?)

But the purchase did lead to an imaginative adventure that I hadn’t anticipated.  The morning after Chris’ birthday, the boys fell upon the box like wolves with scissors.  :D   They worked together cutting and making sure everything was just right.  It was so sweet to watch them co-operating and enjoying each other!  Once all the flaps were cut off, Drew cut a hole in the bottom and then asked for help attaching antena.  The TV was done!

Next we got to watch TV!  We have spent the last couple of days watching the weather (Drew actually felt bad today when he realized his forcast hadn’t called for snow tonight – LOL), the news, hockey games and assorted other programming.  I love Drew’s “announcer voice” and theme music and Trevor’s enthusiasm for any show he is putting on.  This is certainly one TV that won’t have any limits on its use…